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A leader for solving problems, not creating them

My Vision for the 7th Congressional District

We must forge a society that rewards working families, creates thriving communities, and enables good governance for all. Let’s dedicate ourselves to rebuilding trust in our democratic institutions: 

Empowering Families & Communities

Strengthening our community by supporting working families and promoting a sustainable, prosperous future.

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Focus: Elevating what matters most - our families and communities.

Challenge: Overcoming divisive politics that harm working families.

Vision: Prioritize family well-being and economic independence through:

Championing Rural Quality of Life

Prioritizing the unique needs of rural areas, focusing on environmental stewardship and enhancing the quality of life.

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Values: Celebrate our rural lifestyle, community bonds, and natural environment.

Challenge: Address political divisions and environmental neglect.

Vision: Foster sustainable and prosperous rural areas by:

Effective Governance for All

Advocating for policies that transcend partisanship, emphasizing good governance and civic engagement for a more equitable society.

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Values: Commitment to inclusive and forward-thinking governance.

Challenge: Combat extremism and self-serving politics.

Vision: Empower and protect our communities by:

Join us in building a district that values people, place, and effective policy over politics. Together, we can create a better tomorrow.

Why I'm Running for Congress in 2024

I'm Kyle Kilbourn and the reason I'm running is to ensure every Wisconsinite has the opportunity and tools to pursue and protect their American Dream, by making healthcare work for everyone, preserving our water and environment, saving Social Security, and keeping our communities safe. 

After a successful career as a product designer, innovator and researcher, I’m committed to fighting for a better future for all Wisconsinites in the 7th Congressional District. The 7th is the largest district in Wisconsin and goes from Hudson to Superior, from Wausau to Marshfield, and all the great villages, towns and cities in 26 counties. 

The boundaries of Wisconsin's  7th Congressional District are in red and encompasses at least part of 26 counties.

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