Kyle's To Do List

Today, extremist politicians are trying to take us backward in time with their attempts to strip away civil freedoms, voting rights, social security, and our futures.

You have a choice.

You can move us all forward by protecting our families, freedoms, and futures. 

When elected to Congress, Kyle will fight for the working families of Wisconsin today and prioritize the safety and well-being of the generations of tomorrow. 

1. Prioritize Working Families

Make Healthcare Work for Everyone

Kyle believes that health care is a human right. 

Keeping Americans healthy helps everyone pursue their own American Dream. The healthcare system isn’t broken. It is working as designed: to profit major insurance companies and bankrupt patients 

There are too many middlemen taking their cut, making it unaffordable for everyone. Let’s create a health care system where everyone can get the care they need, when they need it, without having to worry about a bill. 

Tackle the Cost of Living Crisis

It’s unconscionable that in the richest country in the world, we have people working full-time, and they still can’t afford proper housing and childcare. 

Too often, working families are making tough choices at the kitchen table between paying bills or buying food. We need federal policies that reward hard work, not how many lobbyists you bring to Washington. 

The economy is rigged towards rewarding those with connections and wealth. We can help Wisconsin working families by enacting a federal jobs program to ensure everyone has access to a stable job at a living wage. 

Let’s make unemployment, childcare deserts, and homelessness a relic of the past.

Save Social Security and Respect our Veterans

Protecting earned benefits like Social Security and Medicare, providing long-term care, and responsive services benefits everyone in the long run. Lobbyists are pushing to privatize our earned benefits and services so they can make a profit. 

Our seniors and veterans protected us when we were vulnerable, it’s our turn to protect them. From creating affordable housing that’s senior-friendly to veteran services that respond to their unique needs, we need to build a stable foundation that respects their hard work and contributions to our society.

2. Fight for a Livable Future

Combat Climate Change and Clean up our Environment

Wisconsin is home to flourishing forests, wildlife, and waterways – it’s part of the reason why so many families love living here. 

But it’s clear that our environment is in danger due to the recklessness of special interests and the politicians in their pockets. Whether it’s PFAS in our water, invasive species in our lakes, or the threat of climate change, without urgent action, the next generation will be left with a world with extreme heat and wildfires, failing crops, climate refugees, and extreme weather catastrophes.

Kyle will champion legislation that creates good-paying green jobs for Wisconsin families while transitioning our economy away from fossil fuels. A truly energy-independent future is one where the next generation will thrive on a livable planet.

Create Communities that are Safe and Supportive

In our nation, a pressing mental health and substance abuse crisis demands our urgent attention. 

We recognize the need to address this issue comprehensively to build safer, stronger communities. By expanding access to mental health care, bolstering care facilities, and acknowledging that law enforcement cannot be the sole solution to these crises, we commit to forging a path toward positive change.

We have a vision for Wisconsin that encompasses a holistic approach where individuals receive the care and support they deserve. Let’s foster a society where mental health challenges are met with compassion, resources, and effective interventions, contributing to the betterment and safety of our communities.

3.  Secure Our American Freedoms

Safeguard democracy, freedom and privacy

America is a global example of democracy of and for the people. 

Ensuring the integrity of our voting process is paramount, shielding it from the influence of extreme factions aiming to disrupt elections through harassment and restrictive measures. Preserving fair and unbiased elections, devoid of gerrymandering, remains pivotal to upholding public trust in our government.

The democratic ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are lofty aspirations that define our nation. However, recent court rulings have begun to undermine our progress in achieving these ideals. Instances such as the overturning of Roe v. Wade and the permitting of discrimination against LGBTQ+ citizens by businesses are indicative of threats to our cherished freedoms.

Kyle is committed to fortifying the hard-won liberties we hold dear, with a special focus on ensuring women's autonomy in medical choices and advocating for equal rights under the law. His dedication to preserving these fundamental rights stands as a cornerstone of his platform.